Diver and remote intervention checks

Bringing CAD models together helping to reveal potential issues or best approaches

Test tooling and access in a 3D space

With the availability of 3D designed tools and structures it is ideal to utilise provided assets and combine them with ROVs and diver models. This means that checks can be made during the design and planning stages of your project and allows specified assets to be developed further. Produced work can be delivered as animated sequences or simple static views. These highlight the issues where they are discovered and confirm access is possible with dimensions to help convey space requirements.

ROV ops

Checking on ROV approaches and access to structures, control panels, cross haul rigging and various seabed assets should all be conducted within 3D scene arrangements, where full appreciation of the dimensions of both the assets and the ROV can be viewed. Simple, quick checks can be performed without the need for full pre-flight simulations by just using appropriate models, constrained and rigged with manipulators to suit. Range-of-movement limits can also be monitored to ensure the ROV is shown operating within capability. That, coupled with pre-modelled assets and imported items results in fast turnarounds and vital information.

ROV installing a Conductor cap
An ROV installs a Conductor cap at a North Sea platform

Diver access and positioning

Rigged and animatable diver models, depicted with appropriate equipment, can be added to scenes and posed as necessary to perform checks on whether structures or platform jackets can be accessed safely. These are essential checks to be made, and the advantages of using an anatomically correct diver model are immediately clear, especially when space at the worksite is limited. Plan these excursions in 3D and benefit from greater visibility of the hazards and better inform your procedure.

Subsea divers install a new spool at a platform jacket
Lift bags used to aid installation of a new spool with saturation divers

Tooling interactions

Many remote interventions take place utilising both standard and bespoke designed tools, therefore it is crucial that checks are made not only on whether the ROV can access the work area but also if the tool design itself is suitable for the task. Utilise a 3D animation and discover how the tool will interface with the structure and ensure the design is fit for purpose.

Subsea diamond wire saw tooling check
Clash check of diamond wire saw subsea