Subsea field layouts

Transforming 2D plans into fully featured 3D environments

Overviews of your systems and assets

Diagrammatic overviews, either illustrative or more grounded in reality, can help provide essential project marketing and stakeholder understanding. Represent your system in the best way possible, incorporating the topsides assets – both fixed and floating as well as the subsea infrastructure.

View of an existing subsea riser arrangement with midwater arch
Mid-water arch and flexible risers

Drill centre arrangements

Drill centres bring together many separate but interconnected elements, from manifolds and Xtrees to spools and jumpers, along with all the various types of connections to the adjoining flowlines. Help present your layout with effective views highlighting the various assets and their function and build a digital representation that can grow over time with the real-world as a digital twin.

System overviews

Understanding the system, which is often on a large scale with assets spread across many km2, can be tricky. That’s why generating overviews in 3D can be so effective, either at scale or with truncated flowlines to help bring key elements closer together in one easy-to-present image. We can help display many scenarios, from how a FPSO is connected to it’s surrounding subsea architecture through to generating process flow diagrams detailing the functionality of a particular piece of equipment and how it operates. Colour coded lines and animated elements can clearly demonstrate the direction of flow through a system, helping to further communicate how everything fits together.

Susbea system overview
Subsea pipeline process flow

Promotional visualisation

At the project outset it can be extremely useful to have a fully featured video sequence providing a general introduction to what the project involves and what it aims to achieve – whether it is to promote a greenfield or brownfield project.
A promotional visualisation can often communicate the information required in the most efficient method with the added impact of music, sound effects and voice overs.