Downhole tools and equipment visualisation

Show customers how your products work using 3D animation

Demonstrate your tools and equipment for greater understanding and promotion

From the drill floor to the drill bit, all tools and equipment can benefit from high quality promotional material. Working from CAD drawings through to imported model files, assets can be highlighted to demonstrate their function and benefits when in use via 3D modelling, sound effects and voice over delivery. Functionality can also be described with cross-section cutaways and overlaid effects to best present the advantages of your products and services.

Baker Hughes wireline tools illustrations
Wireline tools

Product highlights and explainers

On-screen text and voice over scripts are an ideal way to help communicate and promote your tools and equipment. An “explainer” video with high-quality visuals can be used in multiple scenarios, whether it be in sales meetings or at the conference hall floor stand. Eye-catching visuals mixed with sound effects and music are necessary when it comes to marketing and sales, standing out from the crowd and making a positive impact. If you have a design and would like to promote your product then get in touch to discuss what’s possible.

Franks's International Praying Mantis drill pipe pick up tool
A drill pipe being picked up by the Praying Mantis tool

In-situ views and operation

Often it can be difficult to communicate how a particular tool operates, especially when it is in operation within a wellbore or out-of-sight. With 3D modelling and animated sequences we can make use of formation cutaways and exploded views to best represent how your tool operates and functions. So whether at the drill floor or X thousand feet underground we can generate effective views and in-operation videos.

Containment well cellar
A Technician working in a containment well cellar